Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weekly Update -- August 29th, 2016 (yes, pictures!!)

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, Karla, Leslie (her daughter), Mary (her sister), Jesus (Mary's husband who recently came back from Texas), Morelia (Mary and Jesus' daughter) AND Morina (Karla's Mom) all came to Church!! The whole family of six (not including three other little kids) came in a 30 minute walk all the way and had an excellent time listening to the speakers and participating in the gospel principles class. Elder Eusebio and I were very excited to pass by them on bikes. They even overcame the opposition when Morina's wheelchair broke a bit on the way (did I mention she just recovered recently from a foot injury, still walked). What a great example of diligence. They're progressing very well towards their baptismal dates on the 11 and 25 of September, Karla especially can hardly wait.

Recently, we also met a less-active family where both parents work, but the two kids (Debany, 13 and Edwin, 12) are amazing. When we talked to them a few weeks ago, they told us they were willing to go to Church as long as someone came to get them. The branch President (also awesome) volunteered to do so and they went the first week! The same Sunday, Debany committed to going to seminary every morning. For those who don't know, seminary is a before school scripture study class for High school aged kids and Debany gets up around 5-5:30a to do so. Just like that. She is also a great friend to another girl named Kimberly who has a baptismal date this coming week, in part because Debany has befriended her. She even reminds me a bit of my sister Kristyn. Edwin is one day going to play for the Monterrey fĂștbol team, look for him in 8 years. They're both awesome.

Not sure exactly how organized this update is, but we feel really blessed to see the success we're having. Thinking about an invitation this week, I thought about letting you all make me an invitation. My Mom actually asigned me a talk that I'm going to look at for this week, but what do you all feel that is something that I can do to continually spiritually progressing? Love you all, have a great week. 18 months this Sunday!!

-Elder Allgaier

Antenojeno and Nelida who are in the process of getting married and our branch mission leader with us after the lesson
Our DOM or branch mission leader

Peanut butter jelly tortilla
With the bikes
The house of prayer of Alianza Real

Nice mexican landscape

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