Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekly Update -- August 22nd, 2016

Hello everyone,

Let me take a break from stories about investigators and tell a bit about the weather. The past two months I've been motivated by the thought that this will be the last heat wave of my mission, the last hump. From here on out it's only getting to be better weather. Last week we had the last bit of 'canicula' followed by a couple of days of good rain. I'd say that just about cooled things off. The weather in Monterrey is infamously temporate. One of those days of rain, anybody could tell it was coming because the temperature drops about 25 degrees and a huge dust wave came in, forcing us to hide in a local 'Oxxo' (kind of like a 711 type store) for about 15 minutes. Thanks for the AWESOME package by the way, it came two weeks ago, but forgot to mention it. Also came with the Cicerone family's Christmas picture!

Anyways, now that the cultural time is over, I can tell a bit about the work here in Alianza Real C. We're doing pretty well in our own area and in the zone in general, but the assistants gave us an idea on how we can improve even more by focusing on how we commit people. Not so much on the words we say, but the actions leading up to the lesson in whole. For example Elder Eusebio and I cleaned the house today, sweeping, mopping, doing dishes, everything. The Spirit is stronger there so we can testify with stronger authenticity, from our own experience, that the missionaries should take the time to clean their own house to receive similar blessings. Is that not what the mission is for?

I know that the Spirit testifies of our words and is the key to helping anyone receiving a testimony by taking up an invitation. By acting. Something I learned over a long period of time in a commitment keeping drought. I think we can apply this in all of our lives by living in a way that we are doing the things we ask others to do. That would be such a better world than one with a 'do as I say not what I do' type attitude. So, invitiation: clean house. Mothers are excluded from this invitation. They are invited to thank those who accept this invitation. Thinking a bit more, you can choose to take this invitation spiritually as well. Not really sure how to give an example, but just think of ways to strenghten your spiritual committing power by being authentic in your speech as well as in your actions.

Happy 13th birthday this Friday Kristyn! Love you!

Sorry for the picture problem, I'm getting a charger this week, it ends now.

-Elder Allgaier

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