Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weekly update -- August 24th, 2015

Hello everyone,

So I DID get transferred this change, which was something I felt might happen, which is why I didn't buy any big cereal or a lot of food last week. I was right! Now I am in an area called Salinas Victoria A! My new companion is Elder Berryhill, most recently from California! That means he can translate english to spanish when I have questions so my spanish should get a lot better this change. He's been here already for six months and has mastered the cursed Mina bus route, which we have to take to get to the other two of our three sub-areas (due to the largeness of this area). The area has a Branch or a Rama here and at my first day at church yesterday there were about 60 people there in a rented building that has the Church logo outside. Of the 60 members, only seven have the Melchezidek Priesthood. My goal for this area, that I discern I can accomplish in three changes here, is to have enough faithful tithepaying members to apply for a ward. The building itself does not do the same as a real dedicated building for inviting the Spirit, so the people here could use it. Members and investigators.

One of our areas is clear in the middle of nowhere where the bus drops us off and we walk another 15 minutes to get to one of our investigators. The kids here are really cool though because everyone LOVES the missionaries when we come by. One thing that comes to my mind when we visit is that EVERYONE will have a chance to hear the gospel, whether they live in the city or on a mountain in a shack made with metal and door parts. Pretty sad the temporal conditions that a lot of people have here, but they are very much open to spirituality in their lives. I am very grateful for that.

In one of our areas there were a bunch of kids playing fĂștbol kind of bored. Elder Berryhill and I thought it was a good chance to contact so we started the game and made the 'reta'. Before we left there were a dozen kids playing with us. The funny part was that in the right half of the court, there was a huge water puddle where I slipped and fell. In my white shirt and tie! I learned to be more careful there and after the water dried after a few minutes, all good. Everyone had a good laugh. In leu of the lack of Priesthood holders at church, I feel inspired to invite all of you to study the blessings, history and/or responsibilities of the Priesthood. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, they never go unappreciated. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier
My new companion, Elder Berryhill 

My new house

Our study area
"Our kingdom"

Some typical houses in this area
Me and a bunch of kids with their toy car.  Elder Berryhill and I pushed them around for a few minutes.

compechana grande! a deal they were having as part of my welcoming.

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