Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10th, 2015 -- A new post...FINALLY!

Apparently, Elder Allgaier has been having some issues with his email!  I will try to get the other updates that he sent (but I didn't receive) and post them on here.  Enjoy...!

Hello everybody,

Still having trouble with my email which is making me a little nervous because it's been a month now. This week has been more busy than some of the previous which is always good, I love being able to share our message and learn from every conversation with the Mexicans here. We have a goal in the mission to contact 100 people every week and this week we had 101! A few were interesting trying to convince us and themselves that what we were teaching was wrong, but having to re-evaluate your testimony like that every day only makes it stronger. Every time you really think, research and pray about the truthfulness of this church, the answer will always be yes if it is with a sincere heart. One of the reasons I believe missionaries are young adults is to strengthen their testimonies. Sure they could send out experienced older members, but their testimony is already set. The message is simple and the message is true. The sincere heart is just the hard part. A lot of the people we talk to don't take us seriously or don't want an answer and a lot of appointments fall through.

However, we still have our investigators from last weeks progressing. They were at church yesterday again and me and Elder Casiano are going to teach them some commandments today, super excited for that.

To end the email I feel like I should always include a fun contacting story and the usual invitation, so here goes. One contact we had the other day in the park (amazing place to contact becuase there are literally hundreds) was an ex member who grew up in the church and even started a mission, left after a year because he never worked hard. He's about 60ish years old now and has some crazy ideas about religion saying that we could really be the result of chemically made organisms from people in another planet who just forgot about us. Really believes that Jesus existed but that he was more of a great teacher, a Buddha he said, and not the Son of God. Really sad to think about, but when you don't work for your testimony, it doesn't grow. Just like the parable of the sower I would say. With that I want you all to read that parable and also send me a talk from General Conference because I really like listening to those in the house. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier


  1. We love feeling of your great Spirit and testimoney Elder Allgaier! Thank you for serving your mission to the wonderful people of Mexico. We love you snd are proud of you. As we travel around our large mission we can't help but think of you in your mission! The Church IS TRUE! ❤️😘. Love you....Elder/Dr. and Sister Allgaier (grandma and grandpa Allgaier.

  2. 101... Woohoo! Way to open your mouth! Keep working hard, and pray for the Spirit every day.