Sunday, August 23, 2015

Catch up from July 27th, 2015

Another update from Elder Allgaier received late... Enjoy! 

Hello everybody!

The people here in Monterrey have a season they call "La Canícula" which means the heatwave.  After looking a bit in Google Translate, Canícula by itself means "dog days". I thought that was kind of funny. Anyways, it's hot.

Still, we don't have any investigators at church, nor Hna. Beatrice, which is about old news now, unfortunately. A few cool service things that we did this week was know down some walls at a member´s house who is renovating his house. He's a super cool guy. Last time we came they fed us with sub sandwiches and a 3 liter of coke. Cool thing about the coke is that it tastes better than in the States because of some added chemical X and they also have bottles that are "retornable" which makes it cheaper to buy a 3 liter (21 pesos). Another service project with just Elder Casiano and I was at a new investigators house moving some earth and broken concrete from the back of her house to the front for the garbage people to be able to pick up. Took no longer than 40 minutes and I feel like she really appreciated it since she lived without a husband and watches her granddaughters who really can't do much. I really feel fulfilled when we can help people like that.

Due to a lack of investigators in another area closest to the mountain "Topo Chico" in our zone, the whole zone went contacting for about an hour. Elder Casiano and I were able to contact about 13 and reference about 5 people. A lot of thi mission is contacting, just knocking on doors, hoping that they will let us in and be able to keep promises that will better their lives. The other Elders and Hermanas have loads of funny stories like that. One contact with the other Elders in our ward during the zone contacting responded to their pitch saying how the gospel can bless their lives by saying "Nooooooooooooombre, ya sé todo de eso." Which means "Noooooooooo man, I already know all of that." I'm going to be honest and say that she didn't. Partly because I personally am serving a full time mission, constantly learning only about the gospel and still have yet to find just the limit of what we can learn about the gospel. Fun stuff contacting.

For the invitation this week, contact a friend and tell them how the gospel has blessed their lives. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier

Finally got his package!!! Only took 7 weeks, but at least it made it! 

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