Sunday, August 23, 2015

Catch up from July 20th, 2015

I received the missing updates that Elder Allgaier sent, but hadn't received.  Here's the first of those from July 20th, 2015: 

Hello everybody!

Another tough week, but then again, nobody ever said the mission would be easy and I'm learning a lot. It's important, I believe to have a release, something fun that you can look forward too to get you through a tough week when nobody comes to church... Again. For me it's definately soccer and this p-day we were able to play! I don't mean just a pick up game with the other missionaries in the zone, but we actually played a full 6 on 6 game with the other team being all natives! They are our friends from the place where we go to write emails every week, super cool guys. They not too bad either. We hung with them until about 15 minutes in when the missionary running span runs out and the walking muscles take over. Unfortunately, we lost 10-4, but it was still so much fun. The deal was that if we won, we get to write for free this week. But since we lost, we had to buy some little ceasar's pizza (for about 250 pesos) for them. They still let us write for free, so cool. We came with the pizza's, they brought some soda and we just had a little pizza party in the middle of the computer place. Just what I needed to recharge my battery and get ready for a SUCCESSFUL week.

Last week, I really felt like we did good work, initiating contacts, teaching good lessons and all of that good stuff. I just don't feel convincing sometimes which I'm trying to work hard on, keeping the spirit in the lessons. We had 4 people or so say that they would come this week, but for various reasons, nobody showed. My companion, Elder Casiano, has a testimony especially personal as a three year convert, but he's been with some companions, less enthusiastic than me so it's tough sometimes to convey our excitetment about the gospel with them. A miracle happened on Thursday when Elder Frank and I were teaching the english class. Our companions talked with a girlfriend of a member in the ward who said she wanted to be baptized! She's about 16 and said she just felt good walking around the church and that we can teach her. She needs to talk to her parents still, but I'm very excited to see her progress! Apart from that, the highlight of the week was playing soccer with the internet guys.

We also did a service project with a member, painting his house yellow and having Elder Torales (Elder Frank's Mexican companion) fix some electrician work since he did that for 5 years before leaving his mission. Gotta love the diversity and depth of missionaries. I invite you to find a service project and do it for someone else who needs it. It really is one of my favorite parts about the mission and the church too, being able to spend time with your friends and helping other people stress free. Apart from that, you can feel the spirit that is promised in Mosiah 2:17 (in the Book of Mormon).  Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier
Here's a picture we just took after buying our internet friends pizza after losing at fútbol this morning.

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