Sunday, August 23, 2015

Catch up from August 3rd, 2015 -- "5 months"

The next update I received this last week from a previous week:  

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the stall on updates, not sure what happened with the email but for some reason they haven't gone through the past two weeks. Anyways, we have progressing investigators! Two daughters of a family who was referenced from a member came to church yesterday, the others said they had to work, but I was overjoyed just to be able to introduce the church meetings to somebody again. The member is a convert of a few years and called us one day saying that his sister's family wants to be baptized, just need to be taught the missionary lessons to have more of a knowledge of the church. How awesome is that?! Both times that we have taught them so far have been very solid including them asking good questions and keeping committments. Super happy for this family we have been blessed to teach.

Here's a fun mission story to kind of even out the good one above. We contacted a reference of another reference who said this guy was reading the whole Bible and was now in Isaiah! That shows interest and that he is looking for an answer so we were very excited walking up to his door. He said somewhere during the contact that he was drunk but confirmed that he had been reading all of the Bible, including having 3 different translations (Catholic, Christian and New World). He got angry when we tried to ask him about a part he liked, maybe because he wasn't actually paying attention reading it. He started to close the door, but I stopped it with my hand because we hadn't finished answering the questions he had. I told him that we were missionaries of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because he had given us a nod when he told us about the new testament version of the bible, thinking we were Jehovah's witnesses (a common mistake I've found out). Still didn't satisfy his interest and he finished closing the door. But I did leave a Restoration pamphlet on his door because he had said 'why are there so many religions?' We'll see if that seed takes root.

On a lighter note, the other companionship in our ward moved in with us lately, Elder Torales and Elder Frank. Much different with four than with two, but it's fun without taking away from being good missionaries.

As for an invitation, I want to challenge you to read 3 Nephi chapter 20 during the next sacrament. There's a very good scripture in verse 8 that I think explains why we really need to come to church every week. While doing a practice lesson (which we do a lot), I played the investigator and commented how the bread and water was very little. Elder Lagos from our district answered by saying, 'yes, it may not fill you up physically, but spiritually we will be completely satisfied'. Something to that feeling. Take the sacrament really thinking of Christ so that we can be filled spiritually all week. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier

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