Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekly Update -- Wednesday, Sept. 2nd, 2015 (Yes, Wednesday!)

Hello everyone,

First of all, SUPER happy birthday this past week to Kristyn! So excited for you to start YW this year and I know you'll make a ton of friends. Love you!

We didn't have p-day on Monday due to the temple trip today (wednesday) so we just did more proselyting two days ago in one of our sub-areas, the Carmen. I always love going to the temple and this may sound repetitive due to the other times I've said it, but it's even worth getting up before 4am to feel those feels. Elder Berryhill and I are super tired. Regardless, we had a very good week. One of the people we teach (I'm just going to call them by their names from now on) named Georgina didn't come to church on Sunday even though she said she would and I felt really confident about her interest. Later this week, she told a member that she forgot to tell her husband so she didn't feel comfortable going. Big relief to us and we even got to teach almost all of a lesson about the Book of Mormon with him last time. He gave us the green light and as soon as he gets a chance to sit down more with us from work, we'll invite him to be baptized as well. Georgina had a date for the 20th of September, but with missing church, temple rededication and a rule change from the mission President saying investigators have to be to church five times instead of four, we won't be able to do it until sometime in October. Still, she is our most progressing investigator, even read all of the testimonies in the BoM and the first chapter! Super exciting!

I've made an observation about the perspective on religion here. A lot of people, in my opinion, look at it as if it were the Harry Potter series. I cannot tell you how many people we have contacted saying 'it's the same God' or 'all churches are good, I have my Bible' and love talking about religion, but don't show a lot of interest in following the teachings. It's like if we read this series and loved talking about it, but know we could never become wizards and did nothing else but enjoy talking about the mysteries of Hogwarts. We might even name our sons 'Harry'. It's really sad how many people know the Bible and at least know of the life of Jesus Christ, but still don't partake in the message we have about the exact same thing. Action is SOOOO important. James 2:17.

A bit of a lighter note, Elder Berryhill got bit by a dog last week, included is a picture. He wasn't very happy and neither were the owners, our recent converts. They put it down... Happy note? Such is the life of a missionary.

I invite all of you to study about the Atonement in some personal time. I personally love increasing my gospel knowledge in study time, so I might have a few more invitations just on study topics. Study the Atonement, pray about it for better understanding and MOST importantly, act on what you learn to apply it in your lives. Thanks for all of your prayers! Love you!

-Elder Allgaier

My companion's dog bite

Looking at the baptism picture of our investigators with my old companion.

Sacrament room

Tired at the food table

Which one is the church?!

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