Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekly Update -- October 31st, 2016

Hello everyone,

Happy halloween, which they DO celebrate here in México, but a bit differently. At least here they do, but Día de Muerto is still more popular. One day... Until then, here's a little run-down of this past week. We had a tri-zone Conference on Thursday with Topo Chico, Anahuac and San Nicolas, all past zones I've been in so it was fun to see some new and familiar faces. Then Saturday, we had a stake wide Family History activity. Honestly, it was probably the most well organized family history activity I've ever been to. There were areas to learn more about Indexing, Family search, Bible geneology, even one member who showed her tree up to Adam and Eve! Cool to be a part of the activity.

Talking a bit about investigators, Luis recently told us he wants to serve a mission!! Elder Preciado and I have already talked about how he would be as a missionary, but now Luis has decided for himself. We're planning on taking him to a few visits these coming weeks. Jesus was baptized yesterday and it wasn't the most organized or most attended service, but it was uplifting all the same. Jesus was especially emotional in giving his testimony at the end. He's such a great guy and has a real desire to retain a remission of his sins and serve the Lord. I remember when we found him, just coming in from Tobasco and we invited him in on a lesson. He really liked it and accepted the invitation to come to Church, then General Conference, then Inocente's baptism. That is where he received his answer. Small and simple acts can lead to a great change. Inocente's son who recently arrived as well (after years without being in contact), is a new person who we're starting to teach as well.

I feel very blessed to be serving in this area at this time and we had one day in particular when it seemed as if all of the pieces were falling exactly into place. It was last Friday to be exact. I could write all of the miracles that happened, but the most important part is that my testimony of obedience and diligence has been strengthened. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and blesses us when we keep his commandments. I love being a missionary. On kind of a different note, the invitation this week is to relookup your family history. Try to add some more on or at least get to know your ancestors better this coming week. Love you all and hope you have a great week!!

-Elder Allgaier

Zone activity today
Man of the hour
Everyone together before the service
On the way to Jesus' baptism
Branch conference and all of the present members, how many do you recognize from the updates?
Youth class I taught about how to direct hymns
E. Reed when we jokingly told him, 'we have to do another baptismal interview later on'
Marcado during the week, an usual sight in most areas here
Package came!!
Selfie with the AP E. Rodobaugh
 At the tri-zone conference
Divisions with E. Uc when he said 'why do missionaries always want to get married RIGHT after the mission?' as a memory

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