Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekly Update -- October 10th, 2016

Hello everyone,

Great short week, since I've wrote just 4 days ago. Lots of good experiences like the baptismal service for Benigno (Hna. Irma's Dad, the YW president) and Gloria (Luis' mom). Super spiritual and Benigno was even baptized in a chair by his grandson, Jorge! Apart from that, Inocente AND Luis were confirmed yesterday. In their blessings I noticed the part where Luis would be pivotal in bringing many to the knowledge of the gospel and Inocente would be faithful to the change he was making in his life, something he was asking for since we met him. Inocente took advantage of fast sunday to share an awesome testimony.

A quick story on Gloria. We found her about two months ago just knocking doors and they hesitantly let us in and explained that they had never been to a Church together. It's always fun to see how much people open up to us while we continue to teach them. She has had several spiritual experience to help her to have a deep conversion to the Gospel. One of the first was when Luis said his first prayer and cried toward the end, then went to Church on his own! Gloria has also received an answer of one of her long-time questions in Moroni 8:11-12 and felt the family friendly atmosphere in the Church very strongly which helped her a lot during her service when just her son attended from her family. But also 20 members!

Benigno was found when he moved in with his daughter Irma, who is the YW president in the branch. When we asked her if we could try to teach him she replied, 'he probably isn't interested' So naturally, we took that as a yes! He accepted the baptismal invitation in the first visit even though we weren't sure if he understood much of what we were saying. Later on, talking with his family, he definately DID understand and lightened up a lot more to us as well! He even learned how to understand my american accented spanish! After the service when he was asked if he wanted to add any words of testimony, he simply replied, 'no' but his daughter did take the opportunity to express her gratitude to share that she didn't make any of the decision for him and that when they talked she asked him 'do you really want to get baptized? do you want to tell your kids?' (who are not members) and he said 'yes I want to get baptized and I don't want to tell them yet.' Irma said she was sure to face opposition at the very least because they will find out very soon. But we all know it was Benigno's choice and nobody else's.

Sorry for the long update, but I really love the people Heavenly Father is letting us teach and I want to share my stories with you all. As this week's invitations I want to invite you all to join the Miles for Jonathan running challenge. I just checked and found that my pedometer isn't working so I think I'm just going to count in my head this year. For sure I'll keep my Dad in mind this month and hopefully you all will be a little less fat for accepting the challenge, 47 miles in the month of October, walking or running. Good luck! Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier

Inocente, Felix and Jesus' desk filled with new scriptures
Branch member selfie, Hno. Oscar

Me with the Ward mission leader, hno. Ivan Garcia (two year convert)
Benigno's family
Us with Gloria and Luis

Both groups together

 During the service
pday bowling district activity

Elder Urban's store at the Sandero mall

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