Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekly Update -- May 9th, 2016

Hello everyone!

First of all, happy Mother's day to my Mom, my grand-moms and all of the other Moms out there. On behalf of sons everywhere, thank you! This week was very exciting ending with my second to last skype call home, crazy! Less than 10 months to go! It was especially nice being able to see my family with my future sister in law, Hollie and my best friend Bryce who is going to basic training for the military next Monday. Good luck buddy and to you as well Hollie.

This email I'll share about our investigators who came to Church yesterday because we had 5!! Sandra is a Mother of three (happy mother's day to her as well) named Fatima (11), Alondra (9) and David (2). This is their second time coming to Church and they came by themselves! Usually we have to pass by or call them to make sure they don't forget, but we were impressed by their self-reliance this week. They have a baptismal date set for June 3rd, progressing very rapidly. Fatima loves reading the pamphlets we give them and answers questions we ask better than anyone else there.

Elisa (21) is an investigator who has had a lot of difficulties in her life with multiple deaths in her family and had a very hard time accepting that a loving Heavenly Father would let this happen to her. We talked about the importance of agency and how others use their agency poorly and good people are affected, but in the next life we will be judged fairly for what we've done in this life. She FINALLY received an answer after a long talk with a member who helps her a LOT named Juanita and saying her first prayer this past week as we kneeled together. Her little 4 year old son Daleo gave her a hug because she started crying, so sweet.

Luz, short for Lucy, has been coming to Church for a couple of months now, but still hasn't accepted to have the missionaries (i.e. us) come to teach her and invite her to be baptized. She is a neice of our ward mission leader and his wife, the gospel principles teacher. We're a bit confused with her, being patient, but persistent with her spiritual progression.

Basically, we've been very blessed with success these past couple of weeks in Colinas A and in a huge part thanks to the members. Today (when we now have district meetings) we had a training session (capacitaciĆ³n) about how to work better with members. I invite you all to ask the missionaries this week, how you, as a member, can be more involved in the missionary work in your ward (or branch). Thanks for all of your prayers and efforts to become more Christlike, love you all!!

-Elder Allgaier

 These pictures are from the improv zone activity this morning playing soccer

Screenshot of our Skype session on Mother's Day
(l to r clockwise:  Elder Allgaier, Kristyn, Mom, Garrett, Hollie, Tyler)

Bryce dropped by to say hi/goodbye on our Skypeing session! 

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