Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekly Update -- May 16th, 2016

Hello everyone!

Honestly, we had a bit of a tough week. Some stress building up due to Elder Chan adjusting to mission life AND problems with investigators. A couple of other areas in the district didn't have very much success either. Let's see... We had to pass one of our investigators to the sister missionaries, but even before they could get an appointment with her, she was really hurt thinking it was her fault. Pretty much, we can't see her anymore, which was a bit tough because she was one of our progressing investigators.

One Friday, we went to the offices for an activity called 'return to the MTC' for those in training and did fun practice lessons to remember how far the trainees have come since the MTC. For those who are preparing for a mission, you should prepare before by reading Preach my Gospel and the Book of Mormon, maybe even the mission manual as well. In the MTC, you learn a lot to be functional in the field, but you learn 90% actually talking to people in these two years. I saw that when a sister who arrived the same day as me, Sister Hernandez, gave some counsel to other missionaries after being sister training leader for about 5 months now maybe and boy has she broken out of any shell she had when we all got here the first day! I hope to show that when I get back as well.

Saturday, the same investigator that we had to drop called us to say how she was not going to come to Church anymore and that we shouldn't come by and hung up. Then she did the same thing again. Really our conversion should not be dependent on other people and with this particular investigator we did emphasize the importance of her relationship with Heavenly Father and not with us. Sometimes people can't see the connection that we are just helping to make between themselves and our Heavenly Father and confuse the changes to be in our cause. How terrible is that misconception. Even so, I felt more than a bit bummed for what had happened and saw two options. One, work less, maybe focus more on less active members or visit more active members. Two, work hard in spite of the difficutlies and have the best day this companionship has seen. I chose the second, and yes we found multiple new investigators and had the best work ethic to date between Elder Chan and I. We even had a baptismal interview which are always very uplifting. Our companions in Lopez Mateo prepared a 9 year old girl who was baptized by her grandpa yesterday. Awesome.

Similarly, we visited a less active who was feeling down from a sickness the same day. We shared with her Mosiah 24:15 that says we should be patient in our afflictions. I know we have a choice in how we can react to our trials. I know that the Lords knows as well and is watching to see how we react to the trials He gives us. I want to invite you to read this scripture in Mosiah this week so that you might have more patience in your next trial, because we don't stop learning in this life and for that, we don't stop having trials. Thanks for your prayers and I love you all!

-Elder Allgaier

At Hermana Juanita's house, the best ward missionary ever!

Ex-missionary, ___ McCoy, cooking carne asada for us (served here about 4 years ago).

Our ward mission leader who works as an artist and other odd artistic jobs with one of his work companions (how awesome is this place?!)

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