Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekly Update - May 23rd, 2016

Hello everyone!

A couple of shoutouts to start. One, good luck to my buddy Bryce who entered basic military training this past week; God's speed my friend. Second, happy birthday to my Uncle Steven and my cousin Sam, hope you had a great day! Lastly, congratulations to my awesome Grandparents who will be shortly finishing their second couple's mission serving as medical advisors in the southern east coast of the US. Thanks for all of your service, hope you have a great last trunky week!

So I definitely learned a big thing this week through some difficulties with my companion. Pretty much, I was impatient. Luckily, we had a quick companionship inventory with our zone leader, Elder Garner, which totally changed our relationship and, most importantly, had the Spirit more fully with us. Isn't the Church awesome? I just needed someone to tell me not to expect perfection where it won't be found, to be patient with my companion's progression as a missionary, especially being his first two changes (3 months). We smoothed things over the next day celebrating E. Chan's birthday. It was also a boost in morale when our investigating family came to stake conference this week and are progressing well towards their baptismal date on June 5th!

Right now, I'm reading in the book of Mosiah where king Mosiah takes over from one of the greatest leaders ever, King Benjamin and I can say with a full sincere heart that I am very grateful for the time Heavenly Father has given me to feast upon His words. I am also grateful for the opportunities to share personal revelations with everyone so I will invite you all to share a personal revelation that you have received from personal study with a friend or a family member or even a missionary. I hope it will be an edifying experience.

Little note to end, today we went to the Cerro de la Silla as a district activity, we took a lot of pictures. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier
How we celebrated Elder Chan's first birthday on the mission

Going to stake conference with our investigator family.

Mormon snail
'Ready' to start climbing the biggest landmark of Neuvo León México, El Cerro de la Silla or the saddle of the mountain

Going into the clouds

The view from the middle point (where you can still see the buildings)
View from the highest point we can go
Sitting with the district
La Puerta, a local landmark of Santa Catarina

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