Monday, January 2, 2017

Weekly Update -- December 26th, 2016

I am so sorry!  I am not intending to be selfish, but I totally forgot to post this email from Elder Allgaier last week!  Look for his new update from today by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Merry Christmas,

Short email, because we had a very Christmas activity filled week and I told my family a lot of what's going on. Just a short story for Ricardo Romero who was baptized yesterday!! Such a great guy who is here from Vera Cruz separated from his family, but has since found a lot of happiness in the repentance process and the importance of the family in God's plan. Elder Barrientos found him 5 weeks ago just knocking on doors and just yesterday he was also able to perform the ordinance. We're excited to see him continue to progress in the Gospel and help others as well.

Quick invitation to make some meaningful goals this week approaching new years, something that will help you to be wiser, not just older in 2017. Something spiritual, something intelectual, something social, something physical and something familiar (with the family). Love you all, happy new years!!

-Elder Allgaier

Christmas decorations in the house
Cool photo in the area
Divisions picture
Another divisions picture
Some birthdays at interviews this week
Moving service with the Garza family on Christmas eve
Garza family's kid
A few tomales we ate, very few of the many we ate these past weeks
Christmas party with the Acosta famiy
Pre-baptism pic with Ricardo
Post baptism pic!!

Best zone activity today! Secret santa, perfect game movie, fùtbol!
Screenshot of skyping with family on Christmas day!

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