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Weekly Update -- June 29th, 2016

Sorry for the late update, everyone. I didn't get this until Wednesday evening.  It's worth the wait, though, as always! : ) --Elder Allgaier's mom

Hello everyone!

First of all, happy two day belated anniversary to the best parents in the world. Love you Mom and Dad!! Second, I'm writing today (wednesday) and not Monday because of a zone temple trip we went to this morning. The temple is awesome. We always go for the first session, usually coming from a metro and bus ride, making it tough to pay 100% attention. But today, upon ending the session, I felt so relieved of all of the stress that many times accompanies new changes on top of the challenging missionary life. I feel the importance especially now that Tyler is preparing to get married, Mom and Dad are celebrating their anniversary and personal experiences gained here on the mission of the importance of temple work. Here's a swing, this week I invite you in the first paragraph to visit the temple closest to you and really feel the Spirit that is there. Even if you happen to not be a member of the Church reading this, various temples (such as the Washington DC temple) have visitor's centers for everyone.

Upon arrival in Fraustro, Elder Juarez and I set to work right away with thinking of ideas to invite more people to Church and strengthen the members. Two ideas have been starting a ward choir and holding a fútbol tournament for the area's youth in the court we have out back. The former has been slightly more successful than the latter with the Bishop talking to a YSA member who conducts in sacrament to direct the choir. I really feel like it'll be a great opportunity to build testimonies, feel the Spirit stonger and just learn new hymns. Sometimes we get caught in the trap of singing the same songs over and over again. The tournament has yeilded some success, but not many youth have come. There is one group of 'cholos' from the ages of 14 to 16 who come every once in a while to play just for fun because there is a court there, but never come to Church. Could you imagine that group of 8 kids as a Priest's quorum? We'll see how it goes over these next few weeks. 

-Elder Allgaier

Service project making CONCRETE from CEMENT and other materials covering a hole in the Bishop's store
Inside the store
Divisions with Elder Jimenez

Pizza thanks to a member

Temple trip today! (Elder Allgaier is the first one on the left, back row.)

Thanks Elder Chadwick for the temple picture

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