Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weekly Update -- June 20th, 2016

Hello everyone,

Let's see. Changes. I'm in the San Nicholas stake with a few missionaries that I new before including Elder Martinez from Escobedo, Elder Ng from other aquantences, Elder Bandy from Salinas Victoria and a really good buddy Elder Frank also from Escobedo. I'm really excited for this change and for the time with my new companion Elder Juarez from MĂ©xico city. He has 5 months in the mission and makes being District leader really easy. When he first arrived to this area (FRAUSTRO) there were just 30ish members attending Church, taking into account that a LOT of members here are less-active. Now there are about 60-70 in attendance. He really has an electric personality and isn't afraid to be direct with people to 'make a change in their lives' even when first getting to know them.

What else can I say... Hope you all are enjoying your start to summer vacation, because here it's starting to heat up a bit again. I enjoy it because it'll be the last time I go through the Canicula, or the heatwave, here. Not thinking too much about that, I want to challenge you to really use this 'down time' well. How about reading the Book of Mormon from cover to cover before going back to the usual schedule? I'm in Mosiah 26 right now starting in February, but to give myself some credit, I am reading in spanish and making a lot of notes on how we are converted and keeping track of the geographical goings. How about it? Who will read the entire Book of Mormon this summer? I promise you that when you do, you WILL learn something new that will open your eyes just a bit more and your testimony of the Church will grow even more. Thank you for all of your prayers and for your continued dedication to the Lord. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier

A bit of our area -- Fraustro

 A glimpse of the changes

A member who owns a car shop let me take a picture of his tool shed

And his shop...


Elder Juarez and I in changes/transfers

 Pday fĂștbol with a few Elders from  zona San Nicholas

 You don't know how to iron a shirt until you've ironed a shirt like this...or on a tiny, round kitchen table!

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