Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Update -- July 25th, 2016

Hello everyone,

President called yesterday after Church to give me an early heads up on the changes which will take affect tomorrow morning. After just six weeks here in Fraustro, I'm getting changed to Alizondo Real C in the zone Topo Chico (where I started out actually). The reason the President called was to ask me if I would be Zone Leader. It came unexpected to me because of my short time here and accompanied feelings of unpreparation, but if there's one thing that I've learned this past change, it's that the Lord fills the gap between one's capacity and the responsibility of the calling He gives. However, he doesn't fill it if that person doesn't work to full capacity. I know I'm going to learn a lot these coming weeks and do a lot of praying.

This past week we were very blessed to have a great experience with an experience with the bishop's daughter going to visit a less active friend of her's. We saw some ladies trying to lift a washing machine into a car, so naturally we stopped and offered our help. We took the machine to her other house, then took a stove back, then a slightly larger stove to the second house, then back at the first house, we swept and mopped. Suprised by our service, they were understandably very receptive to our message. The member quickly made friends with the five or six other teenaged girls who were there, also inviting them to a mutual activity. It was such a great opportunity for us to share the gospel with them, having lost their Dad in an accident recently. One of the girls said she wanted to run away with her boyfriend because of poor relations with her Mom, but very readily accepted the invitation to pray. Even the bishop's daughter said she was very uplifted to be able to share her testimony, strengthening her desire to serve a mission in just a couple of years. It's those kinds of experiences that make me love this area and a bit sad to leave, but I know I can leave well seeing the progress that has happened in my short time here.

Honestly, when the call came, I was a bit bummed to have to leave, but I have seen good progress in this ward. Although I won't see this family progress or Vanessa (a 15 year old soccer player who has a baptismal date for this coming Sunday) get baptized, I know Elder Aguilar and his new companion will take good care of it. I want to invite you all to listen to the talk by Larry R. Lawrence called 'What lack I yet?'  A great talk that helps us realize how we can continue progressing on our own with the help of divine inspiration. I really liked the theme of progressing at our own pace which our Heavenly Father knows perfectly. Thanks for all of your prayers, love you!

-Elder Allgaier

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