Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 29, 2015 -- Weekly update (Week 16)

Hello everyone,

For the past two or three weeks we have had no investigators at church and it's very tough to keep on working hard with a smile when the results are invisible to you. I looked for everything that I could do with obedience, prayer, asking for advice from my leaders, even fasting for a day. At the beginning of the week, I decided to test out how specific prayers and fasting would work. I said a prayer to have two investigators at church when we really didn't have anyone we were continually visiting. As the week went on and we contacted a BUNCH, we found a lot of miracles.

The first was with a family we'll call the Gambino family, who let us talk to them about how the church can strengthen families and their kids through mutual activities and attending church together. That sparked their interest and we began teaching them more consistently. I really like the 11 year old son who loves to play fĂștbol (even though he's a Real Madrid fan and likes C. Ronaldo, details don't matter). Then we met a "Marshal" family we contacted before, came back and the Dad was there with a lot of energy on his way out to go to work. He was really excited because he told us about a dream talking to a couple of people like us missionaries! We've just had time for teaching him the importance of going to church, but I feel optimistic.

The third person we found actually went to church. We'll call him George. George is 20 years old and when he was 15, his Dad died of cancer. When I bore my testimony about my conversion and need for the gospel, the Spirit was very strong. We share a very similar trial and that really sparked his attention. He also stopped smoking 3 days before we showed up at his door. 3 days! How is that not pre-determined? I know that I am called specifically for this area at this time for this person, if for nothing else in my mission, for him.

In conclusion, specific prayer and fasting works. If you aren't sure, just try it with trust in the Lord and He will show you the truths in His own time. Elder Frank and I started a weekly English class at the church for all of the people we meet who want to learn, which is a lot. A fun way to teach lessons and spend time with investigators and members. To end, I want to invite you all to do some family history work. Just this week, one of our recent converts has gotten very interested in just that after finishing a semester working for her Masters in chemistry. She's very smart and has a strong testimony. Another investigator of Elder Frank's asked where his Grandpa is right now because he passed away some years ago. That led to the explanation of the importance of temple work and then to the baptismal invitation. He accepted! It's so important to our ancestors that this work is done. For that, I extend the invitation. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier

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