Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 -- Weekly update (week 15)

Happy Father's day! (a little late),

After kind of a bummer week before, this week was pretty great, if not just by comparisin. In terms of proselyting we weren't able to do too much due to a number of irregular activities including a joint zone activity with President Swapp, the last time we will ever see him as our mission president. In July, we will have President McCarthur as our new mission President! Both sets of zone leaders gave fantastic lessons on reverence as missionaries and diligence. Hmna Swapp led a basketball activity/lesson on how the ward is like a team in missionary work. At the end, there was a group of missionaries playing and one of them passed to President who made the basket on his first try to end the activity! Our zone sang the song A Child's Prayer, which was especially cool because our zone leader, Elder Frost, let me conduct! It was a little rough musically, but the spirit was there so President and Hmna Swapp really liked it. President then gave a powerful lesson about the purpose of your mission, some motivation and personal experiences from his own mission in Uraguay. Totally worth waking up at 3am that morning to hear those lessons and go to the temple. If there is one phrase that I've learned to demonstrate the mission it would be ¨vale la pena¨, meaning worth the pain.

Since yesterday was Father's day, the people here had an excuse to drink. I'll be one of the first to tell you that they take to that invitation a lot quicker than a lot Elder Vélez and I extend. It was hard to find a sober person to contact. There was one group who we've seen a couple of times before and they like us enough that they talk to us when we pass by, but don't really want anything to do with the church. It was pretty funny when we passed by yesterday with a huge speaker blasting horrible norteña music and we said hola as usual. We almost walked away when one of them shouted ¨¡picture!¨ I was so impressed that he was able to get out an English word that we went back and took one with the whole group. Not sure how it happened, but there we were, a couple of Mormon missionaries with a group of Méxicans, either with a cigarette, beer or both in hand, taking a picture. I want to find that when I get back somehow. Fun week, very motivating, but I want to do more teaching and more contacting.

To end, I want to thank my Dad, in leu of Father's day weekend. I'm starting to realize the perspective that he might've had for me when I was growing up. He has set such a Christ-like example for me and I strive every day to follow it. Please tell your parents that you love them. Love you all, thanks for everything.

-Elder Allgaier

Last picture with President Swapp and his wife before they go home.

Zone Junta at the temple

My companion and me
Area books of two zones...(teaching records of a lot of souls)

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