Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1st, 2015 -- Weekly email

Hello everyone!

Every Thursday we have a meeting with the ward mission leader and the youth also have their activity about the same time. A lot of you may not know this* but I love fùtbol. One of the reasons why was illustrated this last Thursday when we had a bit of time to kill waiting for the leaders to get ready and it just so happened that we have a soccer court and a soccer ball at the church. I told Elder Frank (the other american in our ward) we should go and watch the youth play to make sure nobody got hurt... Then we started a game with three other 12 year olds, then a couple of other older youth came, then another missionary, then a few other youth and by the end we had a full game going with 5 or 6 a side. How can you not love that? There were people from Utah, Maryland, Monterrey, Cruz Azul (México) and Ecuador all playing the same game after about 7 minutes. ´Nuff said.

Now for spiritual experiences. One of our contacts on Wednesday, if I remember correctly, was nice enough to let us in and show us a picture of some of their family in baptism clothing! She had known about the church, not exactly sure why she wasn't baptized too, but then also told us about her friend named 'Beatrice' who had been talking to her a bit about the church too. I thought "that's a piculiar name for a Mexican and we also know someone with that name whom we just baptized" (reminder that Beatrice isn't actually her name). Turns out it was the same Beatrice! Also, that morning I thought I should bring my camera, maybe to take some pictures in the road. It's something I never do, but did that day for some reason. Because I had my camera, we were able to show her the baptism pictures of her friend! So cool and she said we could come back this week. She also said she would come to church but ended up not doing so, kind of bummed about that.

Another contact who let us in the next day, a mother and her daughter, talked a bit about their experiences with their church and we naturally invited them to ours the following Sunday. The mother wasn't able to, but the daughter said yes, even after she knew her mom couldn't go. She was willing to go by herself! I can't really imagine what exactly that would be like, but I know enough that she had bravery to say that. Then, she told us that she had met with previous missionaries who had given her the address on a card, but lost the card! How awesome was it that we were there just a few months later knocking on her door! We also offered her a ride from one of the members and she said she would go. Unfortunately, when we drove by on Sunday, she wasn't there. We had NO investigators at church this past Sunday. Ugh. Nevertheless we have follow up appointments so it can only be a better this week.

On a personal note, I finished copying all of my highlights from my English scriptures to my Spanish scriptures. Finally, all of the Bible, Book of Mormon, D AND C and the Pearl of Great Price. After going through all of my favorite scriptures, I found out there are so many answers. My cheat sheet of scriptures has about 70 questions with most of them having multiple references. Really, my testimony of their truth has grown so much. For this week I invite you to find some way to study the scriptures, whatever book, by chronology, topic, whatever. Just do it and since next Sunday is fast and testimony meeting, it would also be a good place to share what you have learned with others. Elder Frank is an amazing missionary and part of it is because he is so open to sharing what he has learned with others in the scriptures. That was kind of a long update, thanks for sticking it out. Love you all!

Also, a shout out to Sam and Steven who had birthdays a couple of weeks ago! Also to Emsley and my buddy Bryce who are had birthdays this last week! Have a good one, love you!


-Elder Allgaier
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