Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 15, 2015 -- Update from Mexico

Hello everybody!

Kind of a slow week this week, we definately could've done better with proselyting, but we did go to the temple and the mission office as part of the reason. Again, diligence, faith, humility and patience are very important traits, especially as missionaries when you don't teach a whole lot of lessons. One family we found, let's call them the Jones Family, was a reference from Beatrice. We were told they were doing some less than good spiritual stuff as a result from their son passing away some years ago. Very sad and it only strengthened the need we had to go visit them and teach them. The youngest daughter, is exactly like Matilda! It's crazy how smart she is from reading the Bible she was given by her mother, I think when she just didn't want to read it anymore. Maybe she didn't have much else to do, but she answered all of our questions before her 19 year old sister or her mother could. Afterwards I was asking her questions like what was your favorite story, what do you like about it. She answered, I like the parts about Jesus' life and Noah because Jesus did so many miracles and Noah was righteous even though nobody else would listen to him. How crazy is that?! She's 7! I'm super excited to continue teaching them.

Having Elder VĂ©lez as a companion has it's perks, like I said, like cashing in a favor from the mission president to go to the temple with your recent converts. We went with other ward members and a few of our recent converts. Amazing experience. If you haven't gone to the temple recently, go! That's my invitation, especially if you can go to the Washington D.C. Temple. One of the recent converts also started a family search account! She wants to get started getting names of her ancestors and doing ordinances for them. So happy for her and her family because she totally gets it. At church this past Sunday, I was able to talk in the 'minutos misional' about temples and how we can keep that peace we feel in there. I referenced Mosiah 4:11-12 if you want to read some scriptures.

Because this last week was a little slow, I thought of an anology of missionary work regarding the show gold rush. My family and I watched that together a few years ago and there were huge machines, tens of thousands of dollars and mounds of earth that they moved in a season. After the year was over, they were left with a flask of gold that made them enough money to break even. A flask of gold after a mountain of earth, huge machines and a good amount of money. To me that's kind of like mission work. We talk to so many people to try to find the one's who will listen, progress and eventually be baptized and we do it with a fine tooth comb. The numbers now are more like 1000 contacts to 100 who accept a lesson to 10 who keep commitments to maybe 1 baptism. But I'll be darned it that 1 person is not worth talking to 10,000 people before I find them. That tiny percent who keep me motivated to know that what I'm doing is changing lives for the better is worth all of the other stuff. Now, numbers don't represent success as a missionary, but they can represent diligence. With that in mind, keep your goal in mind during hard times, keep searching for gold! Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier
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