Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Weekly Update -- December 7th, 2016

Hello everyone!

Officially December and my first week in Estanzuela. Let me just say, I'm going to really enjoy my last leg of the mission. It is the area of the Monterrey Temple, but still a branch, touching a good mixture of more humble people and very prideful people. No middle ground, but that's Mexico for you. My companion is Elder Barrientos in case I didn't mention it last week who was born in Gathersburg MD! It gives us a nice common ground to have great companionship unity. He's on his last change which is why I know that this is my last area. The zone is very obedient and very animated, we're looking to have a lot of success.

One day (Monday to be specific) we went to help an English teacher teach a private student. We went thinking it would be an opportunity to share the gospel in our native language, but he quickly told us not to give even a hint that we were from a Church, despite the fact that he himself was baptised at the age of 16 (very less active) due to fear of offending his student. Ok... Driving in, we started to see Mercedes Benz, Audis, Classic cars, big houses when he told us, 'these are the most powerful people in Monterrey'. Very shortly into the lesson (we just had a conversation in English), the student calmly caught on that we were missionaries and asked what our beliefs were. We shared a bit about the Godhead and showed the Christmas video to see her get teary eyed. Explaining eternal families, she even became interested enough to accept a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. Leaving, she expressed that she 'needs Jesus in this moment.' Just goes to show that you should never be embarrassed to express your beliefs.

That same day, we found a drunk guy at around 12 in  the afternoon who had just gotten bitten by a dog bad enough where it drew blood on a few fingers and his wrist. He was cursing at it in his wobbled pace and wanted us to teach him about John the Baptist. We decided it would be better to take him to the farmacy two blocks over instead of just leave him. 20 minutes later we got there, met the nice doctor who didn't charge to take care of his cuts and we put our new friend Toño back on his chair in his house. Like I said, no middle ground.

A small invitation this time, because that last experience was in response to the Christmas calendar to help the sick. I invite you all (if not already doing so) to follow the Church's Christmas calendar to serve people in 25 different ways this month. Really a special thing that is happening this year. You'll feel the Spirit of Christmas more powerfully by doing so. I promise so as a representative of Jesus Christ and His Church. Love you all, enjoy the season!

--Elder Allgaier

Guitarrist on the bus who we liked listening to
Area view
Loose dog we found with a Rayados jersey, gotta love the fans
Leaving the house for the temple this morning
With Elder Payan, the AP who's going home with me next change
Afternoon temple pic

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