Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekly Update -- December 12th, 2016

(Sorry! I realized that I never posted this from last week. There will be two today if I hear from Elder Allgaier!)

Hello everyone,

Kind of a short update because I just talked to you all this past Wednesday... I hope you are all having a great Christmas season, I am too. We had a nice Sunday yesterday being in charge of a temple tour activity, taking advantage that it is right in our area. We werent sure how many people were going to show up with such short notice, but thanks to some miracles and an institute choir performance, there was a great turnout.

We did a mission fast last Sunday praying specifically for the investigators who we are teaching. It was an opportunity for me to strengthen my testimony in the fast and there were some miracles that came from it. One being that an area in the zone has five scheduled baptisms for this coming week. Another being that a bunch of people came to the temple tour despite giving one week notice. I invite you to find something to do in order to strengthen or gain a testimony by personal experience. While doing so, read Alma 32. I promise that you will be able to have stronger knowledge of what you believe in. Merry December 12th!

-Elder Allgaier

Here are the pictures from this email.  Posted 12/21/16.
Institute choir

Activity at the temple shortly before the institute choir

Better look at the mall, Roma is awesome

Elder Garcia eating his first sub

Thanks for the gifts Mom! The primary and their handouts

Today going to the esfera, a nearby mall

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