Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Update -- March 28th, 2016

Hello everyone,

Kind of a crazy week, but I really enjoy the opportunities I have to learn and to serve the other missionaries in my district. I guess you could say I'm nailing it as a DL and trainer. Sure I have made a few mistakes this week as part of my learning curve like forgetting the phone in the house, making calls on the wrong days and getting temporarily locked out of the house, but the first time is free. No mistake have I made two times up until now.

My new companion is Elder Chan and four weeks ago he was in his house in Yucatan, MX. Luckily for me, he already knows Spanish and how to teach which has made this week a lot less stressful. The hardest thing for me this week has probably been leading the area, making appointments and having a good plan for the next day without downtime to have the most success possible. But overall I would say the transition is going well thanks to the unity in the companionship. The ward is also helping us out when I got sick yesterday eating a bad combination of breakfast foods. They're awesome. The family who was going to feed us recognized that I wasn't feeling good and let the bishopric know who sent the first counselor and the primary president to ask if I needed anything and brought a few bottles of water and gatorade to help me feel better. Organization of the Church is miraculous when used well like it is here.

This week is General Conference, my second to last! I can hardly believe it. I want to invite you all to have a question going into this conference, or you could even have two, maybe even three, but no more than 20. I guess if you really wanted to, you could. Point is, we asked a member here to do the same and she almost got offended saying, 'but I know the Church is true, I don't doubt or question it.' Not what I mean. After explaining a bit more, she understood that she wanted to know a bit more about patriarchal blessings and that she would pay close attention to that topic. We saw her face light up as she understood that with these questions we can have a testimony even deeper. I hope you all can have a similar experience, deeping your testimony. It also wouldn't bother me if you sent me your question with an answer your got from General Conference. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier

All of the trainers this change
First compechanas
First personal study, dejavu
son of the second counselor and primary president, we call him peter parker because he loves spirderman so much

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