Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekly Update -- February 1st, 2016

Hello everyone,

Changes arrived last night, which is something new, but welcomed since we now have time to pack and get ready for our next area. The results are..... WHITE WASH! Which means both of us in Salinas A are leaving and two new Elders are coming in. More specifically, my mission brother, Elder Pisciotta who will be training! I've heard about a white wash here before and it was not easy; our neighbor who is a member and a taxi driver had to lead the area for the first week because of the size of the area. God speed to him and his kid (what trainees are called here). I'm going to the area Colinas B, with a Latin companion who's name I forgot. Sorry. I've learned a lot in this area and I'll probably remember it as where my capacity was expanded the most. Ups and downs of course, but all worth the miracles we saw in the end.

Juany was confirmed yesterday and even gave the class using the Gospel Principles manual on the gift of the Holy Ghost. Also in attendance, Hermana Rosales who was with about 8 kids, only 4 of whom are her own. She's been a great example to me having some troubles in her family, but still making the effort to put Heavenly Father first. Whether it be fasting, going to church, starting family prayer or forgiving someone, she's been there. I'll miss her, but remember how important the wife is in the family in part because of her.

This last week, I found the talk given by Elder Rasband on mission work, or more specifically, mission callings. I invite you all to listen to this talk again. I invited our friend Greg and his wife to do the same when they asked us about the application process this week when we saw them again. Also, we were finally able to give the Bible class! Almost didn't work out, but Elder Gale (our District Leader) and I went over last Thursday morning and gave a nice 45 minute class about our beliefs and history of the Church of Jesus Christ. Really cool experience being able to do that in front 27 18-25 year old people who had a solid background on the Bible. Three favorite parts 3. Someone asked how one could become a member of the Church 2. Another asked if we saw miracles in our work and I answered, looking him in the eye, 'every day' 1. Favorite part was when we got to the invitation to read and to ponder and to pray about the BoM to receive an answer and the whole class was quite, but the Spirit was talking pretty loudly. I promised an answer with the authority of a representative of Jesus Christ. Love you all so much!

-Elder Allgaier

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