Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekly Update -- February 22, 2016

Somehow Elder Allgaier's email from last week did not reach me, but if he finds it and sends it again, I'll add it. Until then, we are on track this week!

Hello everyone,

Kind of a cool event this past week and that is that the Pope is in town (i.e. México) for a few days, so..... Everyone is watching his movements which are live on every tv in every home we walk into. Interesting saying prayers with that on in the background, but fun cultural experience. Also, I want to take this chance to send a few birthday shout outs. First of all, Grandpa/Elder Allgaier is turning the big 60 this year, whoo!! Don't count me on the exact number because I didn't ask, but around there. Also, my friend Sister Kendziora who is currently serving in the Buenas Aires East mission, has her birthday in March 14th if I remember correctly. Keep on preaching. And my big brother Tyler is turning one year closer to being able to rent a car!! Love you!

Quick update on Griselda, who we visited again yesterday after Church. She hasn't been praying which makes us sad because she will not have a conversion type experience without it. Saturday night, we gave her a blessing because she was really sick and we had a very interesting experience when we talked for just a little bit afterwards. I also took the chance to show her the line of authority of Priesthood I could show her. The Church is about as awesome as it is true. We were going to explain the Plan of Salvation with her, but she was busy making pies so I finally told her we could come by another time. The Spirit just wasn't there. We'll see how it goes with her this next week.

Yesterday I was able to give a talk on the blessings of sharing the gospel and being part of the obra misional, or mission work. I like the spanish translation because work has two meanings; 1. Trabajo, which is more laborous like a career and 2. Obra, which is more of an artistic work or show. It's a good representation of how I feel being a part of it and coming up on my year mark, I'm so grateful for how much my knowledge and testimony has grown through daily sacrifice. I'm also grateful to have been able to be a part of so many people's conversion, seeing them change from a more reserved and not really interested kind of person, to more questioning, searching for truth, more uplifted kind of person. It's those types of blessings that make this 'work' more of an art and less of a labor. Of course, the gift of tounges isn't a bad blessing either. For that reason, I want to invite you to take part of the missionary 'work' in any way you can imagine. It can be sending a favorite scripture to a friend along with a short testimony, accompanying the missionaries in a lesson (I personally like those a lot) or calling repentance to a city upon a wall, whatever. Maybe not the last one, but be creative. I know there is a certain Spirit that fills us whenever we can take part in this work and I hope you will be able to feel it this week. Love you all!!

-Elder Allgaier

Elder Zambrano taking a quick power nap on my shoulder

Ironing my tie after I accidentally spilled coke on it

million dollar candy courtesy of Grandma's Christmas package that finally came this week, thanks Grandma!

Toe improving condition (I think) in place of red, it is a nice green

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