Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekly Update -- January 25th, 2016

Hello everyone,

Baptism week!!! January 24th 2016, Juana Sifuentes Mata, was baptized by Elder Lopez! Super excited for her decision and that we were able to be the messengers that brought the big smile on her face that we saw yesterday. Apart from that, her two daughters and her daughter's boyfriend, German, all came to see her be baptized. AND, three members of a family who we've been teaching for a few weeks finally came to church yesterday! Seven investigators! Whoo, what a week. I'm really grateful for the opportunities we have to help in the progress of Heavenly Father's plan of happiness for us, exemplary in this baptism service. President McCarthur and his wife also took the opportunity to come and be apart of the program by bearing testimony before the ordinance on the truthfulness of the gospel.

This past Wednesday, we had the chance to see a worldwide broadcast for the missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ with General Authorities like Bonnie Oscarson, David A. Bednar, Dalin H. Oaks and Ronald A. Rasband, to name a few, give advice on how we can fulfill our callings as missionaries a little better. All over the world, missionaries were watching live, except those between Finland and Japan due to the mission schedule. The theme was teach repentance and baptize converts, which was very meaningful because it taught me that we should teach in a manner that helps people to improve their lives through repentance to eventually become stronger members in the Church as opposed to just teaching them to believe in our message. An interesting thing that called my attention was that we shouldn't invite people to be baptized without teaching repentance first. A concept that can be overlooked in a lot of Latin American missions I think because of the general number of baptisms. It is really important that we are willing to submit ourselves to the will of Heavenly Father before taking the next step towards baptism; that's why the gospel of Christ is ordered as faith, then repentance, THEN baptism.

I hope your study with the Holy Spirit went well last week, this week I want to invite you all to re-read your favorite baptism story in the scritpures. My favorite is the story of Abinidi leading into the baptismal service with Alma performing the ordinances. Abinidi was awesome. Love you all, thanks for all of your prayers!

-Elder Allgaier

Juana's baptism!

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