Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weekly Update -- January 20th, 2016

Hello everyone,

This coming Sunday, we have a baptismal date set for our investigator Juany and we are all very excited about it! She comes back from a trip from Mexico city tonight and we'll talk more to her tomorrow about her baptism. It's been very rewarding to see her progress from when we first saw her at a family party and she didn't even show interest, we ended up talking to just her daughter who is also progressing. A little later, she asked for a priesthood blessing and felt a great relief over herself as well as a relief of her pain and accepted a visit from us. Then her testimony she gave about her friend who recently passed away visiting her in her dreams was a very powerful experience in her conversion. Now Juany is going to walk a little further in the path to perfection with her decision to be baptized.

(I asked him a couple of questions including how the food is and these were a couple of his responses:) Food is good, almost always beans, meate, rice and tortillas, but every once in a while someone might switch it up with some tortas or chinese food!  It's fun to hear about returning missionaries and leaving missionaries. 

Yesterday, on the way to a zone activity waiting on the bus, my mind was wondering a bit and rested on a very specific moment when I was in the car in Brunswick after a 'movie in the parks' activity. I remembered very specifically a feeling of peace and clear thinking, clean from any anger or frustration I might've had at the time. Then, I remembered a similar feeling I had when I was arguing with my sister Kristyn. In an instant, my frustration of her not understanding me vanished and my perspective of what she might be feeling widened. I realized exactly what the Holy Spirit feels like based on these two memories given to me through the Holy Spirit. Now, it is much easier to be able to recognize inspirations and make clearer decisions. I'll invite you to study the work of the Holy Ghost this week in the scriptures and await any stories or epiphones you might want to share. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier

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