Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26th, 2015 -- Weekly Update

Hey everyone!

Finally the weather has been lightening up this last week; now it feels like a nice September back at home. There was a hurricane that came by from the south of Mexico, but we only saw a little bit of it when it hit during the night. That just cleared out all of the smog and makes it SO pretty being able to see the mountains all around.

Now for some spiritual stuff... We tought two less active families recently with similar dificulties. Both have a lack of strong family unity, have difficult financial situations, struggle with the word of wisdom, don't go to church nor have fathers with the Melkesidec Priesthood. The difference is that the Mom of one of them is very strong in the church and is super willing to help in any way, even if it means dragging him to church. The kids get along a little better too, but the huge factor is the Mom. When we came by both of them and had to be very direct about the changes they had to make, the family with a less active Mom did not commit to coming to church, even after what I felt were very strong testimonies. The other family accepted the changes they have to make and DID come to church! The Dad is now taking classes with the branch presidency to prepare to receive the Melkesidec Priesthood. What a critical difference it is to have a strong spouse.

Not sure where else to put this, but our Evengelical church leader friend recently told us there will be a chance we won't be able to teach the bible class due to the fact he got 'bumped' becuase of a double booking. We'll see if he can figure anything out for us to teach. To be continued...

Braz update: He still hasn't come to church due to some unexpected family trips with those who haven't been in touch for a long time, which is bitter sweet. The last time we visited him to read a bit more from the Book of Mormon, he expressed doubts about baptism he had from previous religious experiences. As missionaries in this mission, we are supposed to really evaluate if one can progress or not based on their willingness to accept what they are taught. That's shown through their actions, like going to church. But Braz has recently told us about us lacing the pack of gum because he has almost completely stopped smoking. We teach him on occasion while he thinks over this decision for a couple of more days. I just want him to get baptized so bad.

For the invitation this week, I want to ask you to write a letter to your Mom or (if applicable) your spouse, telling her how thankful you are for her. They really do make a HUGE difference in our lives and I think the last general conference has highlighted that. Thanks for everything Mom. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier

 A sure sign that Elder Allgaier is learning the Spanish language is the deterioration of his English spelling! : )
Braz and I

Before the storm (Hurricane Patricia)

After the storm 

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