Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28th, 2015 --Weekly Update

Hello everyone,

It seems that there is a pretty close balance in everything on the mission. Everytime there is a stretch of time where it's stressful and seems like there are no fruits of success, something amazing happens. Or when you have a lot of completed goals, a tragedy happens. Maybe it's the Lord keeping me humble, but it has kept me more focused on the work until it is completely finished.

This past Friday, we went into a relatively new part of our area called San Isidro which has a huge Catholic church at the entrance to strike fear into the hearts of LDS missionaries. Nevertheless, Elder Berryhill and I go there to contact during slow days in the Terrenos, which is a 30 minute walk over (by the way I AM doing the miles for Jonathan this year, you all better watch out). This particular day we only had to say, 'have you talked to missionaries like us before?' for them to say 'now isn't a good time.' Not really what we asked, but it's a great way to judge whether or not they are prepared to listen to our message. One lady named Guadalupe and her daughter of about 30 years old sat down and talked about their tough experiences and beliefs of the Bible with us for about an hour! So amazing how prepared they were for us talking about repentance, humility, different themes in Matthew, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, etc. At the end they even asked if we could teach them how to pray and how we baptize. Kids included, they are about 7 and we're super excited to see how they progress.

The balance was when we got home that night and the first person we visited had a few neighbor kids over playing around. Not common at all, but they seemed to having fun, so I didn't pay much attention until they told us why they were there. The kids of about 7, 10 and 13 years old had just lost both of their parents in a horrible car accident and they wouldn't be told until the next morning. We shared our testimony to them about the importance and comfort that comes from the Book of Mormon in tragic times like these.

But please keep a positive mind, they have good friends with the family we were visiting and everything has a bigger purpose. Plus, this week is general conference!! I love listening to general conference talks, so I want to invite you to send me your favorite talk from this weekend. I have been told and tried it for myself, thus gaining a testimony, of having a question going into general conference and having it answered pretty specifically. Try it this weekend and it will be answered. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier
Me, studying with my favorite hat
Elder Berryhill walking on the way to San Isidro

after a wall we jumped to get back to the Terrenos from San Isidro

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