Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 11, 2015 -- Weekly email

Hello everyone,

The weeks are starting to get shorter and the miracles more prevalent; especially with my body adjusting to the missionary schedule and my Spanish getting better and better (shout out to the gift of tongues). First of all, I was able to Skype with my family yesterday (Mother's day)!! It was really nice to see and hear all of them again, even if it wasn't as long compared to other missionaries here. Love them so much! Happy Mother's day!

Last week we had a couple of peopole who are progressing pretty rapidly and responding well to the lessons. The first I mentioned before who brought her niece and 2 year old son to church from a street contact, we'll call her "Beatrice" since I'm not sure whether or not I should use real names for this. We taught Beatrice again last week about the second half of the Restoration including the Book of Mormon and prophets. My companion does a really good visual aid for the prophets lesson. We gave her a Book of Mormon (my first time) to read and asked if she remembered her baptismal date. She did (24th of this month!) and also that she would read the Book of Mormon! Beatrice also came to church again and it seems like she is getting along with the members well.

We also had another lady who we contacted a couple weeks ago that I forgot to mention, but that we're going to check up on again later today. She is only available on Monday's so it's a little difficult, but we keep up with her more so because of the experience we had when we contacted her. Elder Vèlez and I were walking down the street, houses to the right of us, the Spirit to the left of us :) So we're just being good missionaries knocking on gates asking to share a message when this one lady invites us in, kind of quietly. We share a little about ourselves and who we are. I give my testimony about how families can be together forever and she started crying. I later found out through the translation of Elder Vèlez that she had lost her husband just a couple months before. People really are prepared for us and I am called specifically for this area at this time! The crazier part is that she was only available on Mondays! If we had not gone in the little time we had on p-days after 6p before 9p, we would've missed that miracle. We'll see what happens later today.

Also, as an end note, tell your Mother's that you love them. Love you all! Especially you Mom!

-Elder Allgaier

Skypeing on Mother's Day

Ever the jokester!

Practicing to his other "roommate"...funny guy!

Updated shoe picture

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