Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015 -- 2 months already?!

I think my problem last week when I was feeling 'america sick' was that I was focusing too much on myself instead of the people in my area. I thought I was pretty selfless before, but just count how many I's there are in these first two sentances... Anyways, this past week went by a lot smoother with that thought in mind, just loving the investigators, other missionaries, members, less-active members, and just people on the street. There have been a few occassions where small miracles have been noticeable. Last Saturday, Elder Vèlez and I were contacting and came to a young mother's house who was playing with her 2-year old son and talked to her for about 10 min about gospel stuff. At the end, she accepted the invitation to come to church on Sunday and she actually came! I say that slightly surprised because we also invited four less-active members and another investigator family to come as well, none of whom came, sadly. So we were very excited when we knocked on her door Sunday morning and she was ready with her son and sobrina or neice (?). Three new people whom we just talked to once before! They seemed to be happy at church and we have another appointment this week.

Yesterday (Sunday), was also a member's 8th birthday! That means she was able to be baptized. The family is super nice, like they let us use their washser and dryer every week for laundry and Elder Vèlez and I are over at their house, either to give a thought or ask to help with a lesson almost every day and they are happy to help. So I was especially happy for her yesterday and for their family.

A few odd ends to finish this week's email. If you've ever read Preach My Gospel pg 157, the story of how the cab driver from Monterrey found the church after lending a ride to a couple of missionaries in the rain, then you might also like to know that my companion served in his ward before. He is serving as the ward mission leader (how appropriate) and I know a missionary who knows him. So pretty much I'm famous is what I'm getting at. Also, I want to end on how the church is awesome. I forgot to write about this the first week in the field, but during that week, the four missionaries were eating lupper at a member's house all speaking Spanish and laughing pretty hard. Clean fun and in a whole new language. How else could you have an opportunity like that save it be through the church. The Church is awesome and true. I'll end there. Love you all!

-Elder Allgaier
 Fulfilling a childhood dream, having a half of a chocolate cake and milk for breakfast (it was really second breakfast because I had oatmeal before that, but it was delicious anyhow)

New shoes which I got this week for 800 pesos (about $40?)
very comfortable and I'm taking a picture of them after every
day to have a nice movie by the end of my mission
when they are all torn up.
Day 2

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