Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekly Update -- November 14th, 2016

Hello everyone!

Hope your election week went well, because everyone made sure I remembered who I voted for by always asking me, 'Did you vote for Trump?!' I'm taking the advice of one american companion who said he decided he's from Canada from here on out to avoid looking racist. Anyways, it is finished. For important news, we had a multi-stake conference yesterday including a broadcast to all stakes in México where we listened to General Authorities Elder Benjamin de Oyos, Sister McConkie and President Nelson. I was surprised to hear that all of them spoke Spanish! Have you ever heard President Nelson speak Spanish? I have. He has a very american accent, but spoken it was.

We had a great opportunity with the Branch President to be the means of three beds getting to three men who have all been sleeping on concrete floor. One of them was Inocente who was baptized a month ago, now living with his son (who is taking the missionary lessons this week) who he hasn't seen for years until just recently. The next person was a recently activated young adult who will be getting the Melchizedek Priesthood in two weeks, Daniel. Great guy. Jesus was our last visit who has back problems making it difficult to get up in the morning to work or go to Church, espcecially with the cold season starting up. Just a very fulfilling hour to do service.

The point of telling this story is for the invitation, which almost always comes in the third paragraph. After being given an in on what's going to happen with this year's Christmas initiative by the Church, we are all invited to take part in a worldwide day of service onDecember 1st! There's a video you can watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/LYPJq_r425o to find out more, but we're very excited about this coming Christmas. Go ahead and plan a service project now. Don't worry, there's no Thanksgiving in Mexico so we're not getting ahead of ourselves. Love you all! Take luck!

-Elder Allgaier

Service project painting a house (Elder Reed said, act like we're doing a baton hand off)
Good friend Juan Israel doing visits with him this week

A family who I visited 16 months ago in Escobedo who we visited again this last week, one day they will be baptized
Unloading the truck on the first stop at Inocente's house!

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