Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weekly Update -- April 11th, 2016

Hello everyone!

This week, the sister missionaries in the ward had a baptism with an investigator named Auzusena! A really pretty service where practically her whole family came, including her father, who had big doubts about the Church being a Catholic missionary, especially about temples. In the end he supported her in the decision, recognizing the big changes she has had in this past month in her life thanks to the awesome sisters that have been visiting her. Her brother actually saw us on the street one day and asked if we could help her, but they were in the other area. Auzusena was having a lot of problems with drugs and depression which pushed her to a very dark point and made it difficult to start listening at first. Then she opened up little by little, coming to church, stopping drugs, coming to activities and eventually grew a light inside of her that everyone was able to see. I know it is possible for us to truly repent of our sins and become a new person. Heavenly Father weeps when we sin, but continues to love us, which is why he sent His Son to feel the sorrows for us, so that we don't have to suffer. What a blessing it has been to see that change in Auzusena.

In our area, Elder Chan has been learning a lot as well as myself. He is a lot more active in finding and teaching lessons while I am learning how to follow up on commitments, helping me to always love those I teach and serve. I am proud to say that there was not one time this week where I forgot the phone at the house. Only one time where I forgot the keys. Safe to say we are both learning how to be adults.

It's still hard to bring investigators to Church for us, even though they seem to have a strong desire to learn and repent. This week I was happy to hear a story from my Mom who told me of a few co-workers who needed to hear a message of the Plan of Salvation, then talked to the missionaries to more fully understand what it meant. I want to invite those of you who don't know what the Plan of Salvation is to ask a missionary. For those who do, I want to invite you to find someone this week who is suffering from a difficulty and share a simple testimony, stating a gospel doctrine that could console them in this time of need. I hope you will be able to see people around you with a different perspective by searching. Love you all, have a great week!

-Elder Allgaier

sorry for no photos this week, but I'll take more this coming week

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