Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly Update -- November 30th, 2015

Hello everyone!

Super exciting week ending with pday today when all four Elders in the Salinas Victoria branch decided to take a field trip to the city of Monterrey. So much fun! We went to a pet shop where they had dogs, fish, exotic birds, monkeys, snakes, sloths, turtles and even an albino crocodile! We spent the 35 pesos to be able to take some pictures and see the more exotic animals upstairs. Then we ended the trip with some good ole' compechanas.

Earlier, a recent convert of about 4 months named Ana expressed that she wanted to build an elote stand to earn some money to visit her family due to the fact that she really doesn't have any income despite being a single parent with three kids apart from collecting plastic bottles. We took advantage of the opportunity to help her build it in the back wall of her house facing the street this past Saturday. Elder Lopez was a carpinter before the mission for some time and a less active member who lives two doors down is a contractor for his living. We all helped out taking out the back wall and building a more solid one w
ith an opening window for her to sell elotes. It took all afternoon, but it was the most rewarding activity we had done all week, plus it was some good experience for me to get to practice some home improvement methods.

Stake conference was this past weekend as well and I found myself noticing a lot of familiar faces and realizing I had been in the same stake since coming to the field. Coming up on 9 months in the mission! It's crazy to think about how many people I've been blessed to get to know and the impact they've had on my life as well as my impact on theirs. At the end of the conference, Arturo and Oveth, a couple of ex-less-active members were ordained to be Elders and recieved the Melchizedek Priesthood (did I finally spell it right?). When we went to teach Arturo how to give blessings of confort for Elder Lopez's nail punctured foot from the service with Ana, he was beaming from excitement. It makes me so happy to see him like that.

As I'm coming up on 9 months, I think it's appropriate to address the youth (to any who might come across this). I made the decision to go on a mission in Primary, I even remember telling a classmate in 3rd grade that I was going to serve a mission when I was older, not really knowing the depth of the decision. It made the day, when the decision finally had to become solid, so much easier because my plans were already made. Make a solid decision now whether you want to serve a mission or not. It will bless you in the long run. To include everyone else, everyone can read D&C section 4, the rally for all missionaries. Thanks for everything and happy birthday Ele!

-Elder Allgaier

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