Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 8, 2015 -- Getting ready to go to the mission field!

Sorry I'm about to head out of the computer lab for a bit since I just came from getting my visas extended, but I'll be back to send my week summary. Here's a picture from when me and my temporary companion (Elder Forteleza from Brazil) were at the México city temple visitor's center. 

There were six or so other missionaries on the way to the consulate and they were all hispanic, hardly spoke any English. It made me realize how much more I needed to learn, but also how far I've come with the language. I survived at least and was able to participate in a little bit of conversation. Not really any spiritual experiences, which was a bummer and no tacos de calle either. My district said they all got street tacos when they went and they were so good, even worth the bathroom trips afterwards. But my group was small enough that we didn't have any time to get tacos. They made up for it by letting us go to the visitor's center of the México city temple since the actual temple is under construction. That was a very cool spiritual experience. They gave us the presentation in Spanish and we got to talk to other missionaries who were anywhere from one month to 23 months in (to their mission). My flight plans are in and I'm leaving for Monterrey with my companion, Elder Pisciotta who is patiently waiting for me to finish this letter, next Monday at 7am. I'm very excited. Next time I write will be from Monterrey. Love you all! ¡Hasta lluego!

I'm really sorry I couldn't get to everybody's emails today, just had a real crunch for time with visa stuff and other classes.

-Elder Allgaier

A picture of the Monterrey temple in the Mexico City temple visitor's center

In front of the Mexico City temple
Group photo in front of the CCM.

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  1. Love the pictures from the MTC and the Mexico City Temple!!